Swimming Pool Renovations & Restorations

Swimming Pool Renovation & Restoration

If your swimming pool is beginning to show signs of ageing, suffering with Osmosis, Blackspot Algae or undiagnosed leaks, then it may be time to consider a swimming pool renovation.

Along with your home or property, your pool is a significant investment. And just like your home, over time your pool ages and is subjected to wear and tear, requiring maintenance, repair, and a refresh to bring it back to life. A swimming pool renovation does exactly that, restoring your pool to its former glory and optimising its working condition and in turn extending its lifespan.

Perth Pool Co. specialises in pool restoration and pool renovation services. Whether you need minor repairs or full resurfacing services, we provide honest advice and quality, long lasting resurfacing results using the Allnex AQUAGUARD™ Fibretech System. We renovate all types of residential and commercial swimming pools, including fibreglass, concrete and vinyl liners.

We also offer pool modifications, and can resize or reshape your existing fibreglass pool. Additionally, we can repair or replace pool equipment such as LED pool lights, skimmers, filter systems, chlorinators, pumps, and pipework.

Our Pool Renovation Services

A swimming pool restoration starts with one of our Senior Technicians conducting a thorough inspection of your swimming pool. They will look to identify any underlying issues, such as cracks and damage that may have gone undetected. They will also look for any signs of defects or other common issues such as Hairline Cracks, Osmosis and Black Spot Algae. A comprehensive inspection is carried out to ensure a thorough understanding of your pool’s restoration needs.

Our Senior Technician will then provide you with details on the level of repairs and pool restoration needed for your pool and a complete obligation free quote.

If you have a fibreglass pool, your swimming pool renovation will address common issues you may be experiencing like pH imbalance, cloudy or chalky water, algae, staining, leaking or cracks.

A pool restoration on a concrete pool will also repair the above problems as well as rid issues like peeling plaster or paint, an abrasive interior or a dull cosmetic finish.

We use the latest in resurfacing technologies and equipment, along with the industry-leading Allnex AQUAGUARD (put trademark symbol here) Fibretech system to deliver a smooth and long-lasting vibrant finish.

The Swimming Pool Restoration Specialists

At Perth Pool Co. we have more than 30 years of experience in swimming pool restoration, resurfacing and repairs. We are fully insured, provide warranties on all workmanship and are fully accredited with SPASA.

We pride ourselves on our quality workmanship, honest and personalised customer service and unrivalled results in swimming pool renovations. We have long provided our resurfacing and repair services throughout Perth and regional Western Australia and are now one of Perth’s most established swimming pool restoration companies.

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