About Perth Pool Co.

W.A’s Leading Fibreglass and Concrete Pool Resurfacing Specialists

Perth Pool Co. is Perth’s leading pool resurfacing specialists offering swimming pool maintenance and restoration to residential and commercial pools throughout Perth and greater WA.

Using Allnex AquaGuard technology, our team uses quality products while providing first class service. With a range of methods and techniques to rejuvenate your pool, you can rest assured Perth Pool Co. will restore your swimming pool back to its former glory.

Swimming pool restoration is a long lasting and cost-effective way to prolong the life of your stylish investment. With many colors to choose from, not only can Perth Pool Co. restore your pool but totally resurface and transform it. From repairing damages to a complete resurface and change, Perth Pool Co. can do it all!

Fibreglass, concrete or a complete pool removal – our specialists have the expertise and know-how to ensure your needs are met.

Our specialists follow strict procedures and use only licensed Allnex products.

Perth Pool Co. is fully insured EBM Members.

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