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Perth Pool Co are Western Australia’s leading specialists in all aspects of fiberglass renovations, repairs and resurfacing for both residential and commercial swimming pools, water slides and water features.

Using the globally recognised Allnex AQUAGUARD™ Fibretech System, our renovation and restoration services combat issues you may be experiencing such as fading, Osmosis (bubbles), Black spot algae, cracks and difficulty in maintaining a healthy chemical balance.

Fibreglass swimming pools, slides and water features will deteriorate over time with general wear and tear and additional factors such as weather exposure, periods of heavy seasonal use or poor quality moulds can speed up the ageing process.

Renovating an existing fibreglass swimming pool not only restores the structural integrity of the pool shell but also offers a vibrant cosmetic finish. Complete with built in protectants specifically formulated to safeguard against colour fading and elimination of the issues outlined above, the result is a modern and visually appealing, long lasting surface barrier system that will restore and protect your swimming pool for many years to come.


Fading or Chalkiness

Bubbles & Blackspot Algae

Water level leaks

Over time fibreglass pools will begin to deteriorate, this is due to common factors such as UV rays and weather elements, pool chemicals, water hardness, general wear and tear or neglect.

There are some key signs that can indicate that your fibreglass pool may need resurfacing. These may include fading or chalkiness within the gelcoat that creates a ‘milky’ appearance in the water when the surface is touched or brushed up against, stress cracks or fractures and raw glass beginning to show.

Osmosis (bubbles) and Blackspot Algae are also common issues associated with an ageing fibreglass pool as well as, hollowness in steps or other high traffic areas, rotting fibreglass and difficulty in maintaining chemical balance.

You may also notice problems maintaining your water level due to leaks.


The full application of the Allnex AQUAGUARD™ Fibretech System takes between 2-3 days plus curing time.

Once fully cured, the pool can be refilled with prestart instructions tailored to suit each pool, provided by our Senior Technicians.

The whole fibreglass renovation process consists of five key steps.

Stage one of the Allnex AQUAGUARD™ System involves strategically positioning steel Acrow Props within the pool to brace and allow for draining. These props support the structural integrity of the pool’s fibreglass walls once the water has been removed.

If we anticipate any significant movements throughout the resurfacing process or once left to cure, these props will remain within the pool until it has been refilled. We use high out-put pumps to drain the water and dependant on the size of the pool, the draining process is usually complete within one hour.

A large industrial tarp tent is then erected over the swimming pool site to assist with protecting the AQUAGUARD™ products and our Technicians from UV rays and weather elements. This tent also assists with containing dust and fibres, ensuring a clean and safe work site.

Our team ensures safety is paramount throughout the entire renovation process, with the use of full Personal Protective Equipment and the latest in specialised trade tools.

Once the pool has been braced and thoroughly emptied the old and defective gelcoat is removed by our technicians using specialised grinders. The grinding process is a methodical and extensive operation which allows our technicians to diagnose any underlying issues, all while removing the gelcoat to expose the raw fibreglass shell. This process can take between 2-6 hours to complete.

Special attention is paid to swimming pools affected by Osmosis and Black Spot Algae. Treatment for these issues is meticulous and labour intensive, ensuring complete removal and repair.

Osmosis bubbles can range in size and severity, from the size of a match head, to the size of a dinner plate and typically range in numbers from a small few to hundreds, even thousands.

Blackspot Algae is a very unique and robust algae with roots and has many protective layers enabling it to live in a pool environment and penetrate a pool shell. This typically happens when a gelcoat is breaking down and becomes porous, or once an Osmosis bubble has ruptured. Treatment for both these issues are carried out by our Senior Technicians as part of the resurfacing process.

The second stage of the resurfacing process is the application of a Vinyl Ester Resin Primer. This primer adheres to the freshly ground shell preparing the surface for the new fibreglass laminate.

A 300gsm Chopped Strand Fibreglass Matting is applied in conjunction with a secondary layer of Vinyl Ester Resin. These layers consolidate or fuse, which removes any hidden air pockets within the new fibreglass laminate, resulting in a secure bond and minimising future water migration causing Osmosis. High traffic areas, such as steps and entry points, will be examined and weak spots will have this process repeated to ensure strength is rebuilt into these areas. This laminate and primer combination produces superior chemical and water resistance along with the highest levels of strength and durability.

All products are strictly created and distributed by Allnex Composites.

The third stage of the resurfacing process consists of ensuring the fibreglass matting layer has fully cured in preparation for the Vinyl Ester Fillcoat.

This Fillcoat is applied to the entire pool interior and ensures any small holes or imperfections possibly left after the fibreglass layer are removed.

This layer also consists of the first stage of pigment or colour, which enhances the final cosmetic finish. It is imperative the Fillcoat layer is applied correctly, as not only will this create a smooth surface for the final Top Coat but also a secondary chemical barrier. This process is then left to fully cure overnight.

The finishing stage of the AQUAGUARD™ system involves a light grind, ensuring the removal of any final imperfections. At this stage we install a customised Non- Slip Surface to high traffic areas and to swimming pools with a visible edge beam. Our Senior Technicians will then conduct a final inspection of the pool interior to ensure the pool is ready for the final Top Coat.

The Top Coat layer is not only vibrant and decorative but also contains built in protectants in the way of Styrene Wax, which prevents colour fading and provides exceptional durability. This coat needs to be applied carefully and according to manufacturer specification.

We undertake stringent quality control procedures and testing throughout the renovation, ensuring the highest level of product performance.

A final and comprehensive inspection of the resurfaced pool will be carried out by a Senior Technician, once the Top Coat process is complete. Once approved, the area will be fully cleaned and all equipment and the tarp tent removed.

The Senior Technician will then provide information on the completed resurface and run through any questions you may have.

Detailed swimming pool pre start instructions are provided to each client to assist with refilling the pool once fully cured.

The result… A spectacular looking pool with superior quality!

The Allnex AQUAGUARD™ Fibretech System

The AQUAGUARD™ Fibretech Pool Resurfacing Product Range consists of four unique products each specifically designed to give superior performance in pool resurfacing.

1. Ultratec® Vinyl Ester Primer – Seals the surface and provides excellent adhesion of subsequent layers. Particularly important for concrete or porous substrates.

2. Ultratec® Vinyl Ester Tie Layer Resin – Provides a corrosion barrier to protect the pool from osmosis.

3. Fibretech Vinyl Ester Fillcoat – Secondary corrosion barrier providing additional opacity and prevention against fibre wicking.

Complete the makeover

A fibreglass pool renovation is key to bringing your pool back to a vibrant life, but there are many other solutions we offer to ensure your pool performs and looks its best.

At Perth Pool Co. we can install, repair or replace various pool equipment including LED pool lights, skimmers, filters, chlorinators, pumps, pipework and water features.

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Perth Pool Co. draws on more than 30 years of experience in pool restoration, resurfacing and repairs for all types of residential and commercial pools, including fibreglass, concrete and vinyl liners.

We are one of Perth’s most established swimming pool restoration companies and have the knowledge, experience and products to deliver long-lasting pool restoration and resurfacing solutions.

We have a hard-earned reputation throughout Western Australia for quality workmanship, honest customer service and advice you can trust and rely on.

Our expert team uses only the Allnex AQUAGUARD™ Fibretech System and we provide warranties for all of our workmanship.

Contact us, WA’s leading pool resurfacing specialists to find out more about fibreglass pool resurfacing and our other services.

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