Pilbara & Regional Pool Services
Pilbara & Regional Pool Services
Pilbara & Regional Pool Services
Pilbara & Regional Pool Services

Pool Resurfacing & Pool Repairs Pilbara and Regional WA

Perth Pool Co have long provided swimming pool resurfacing and repair services throughout regional Western Australia. We travel state wide and regularly service the Pilbara region and surrounding areas.

We offer our reputable resurfacing, conversion and repair services throughout regional WA for all types of residential and commercial pools, specialising in fibreglass, concrete and vinyl liners.

Our swimming pool resurfacing services are available seasonally to the Pilbara, Gascoyne and Kimberley regions to take into account weather conditions. The Allnex AQUAGUARD™ Fibretech System consists of products that are temperature and humidity-sensitive which restricts application times in the northern parts of Western Australia.

Our Pilbara and Regional Pool Restoration Services

Resurfacing your swimming pool will bring your watery investment back to life, by enhancing its visual appeal and extending its working life. It is a practical and cost-effective solution for dealing with an older or defective pool that may otherwise need replacing or removal.

Common problems with older or deteriorating fibreglass pools, include difficulty in maintaining a healthy pH balance, cloudy or chalky water, visible Osmosis, Blackspot Algae, stains, cracks or leaks, all of which can be resolved with pool resurfacing.

Similarly, concrete and vinyl lined pools experiencing pH balancing issues, an abrasive or crumbling interior, failing or defective vinyl, structural cracks, staining or algae, can also be restored by way of fibreglass resurface conversion.

Perth Pool Co also offer services for swimming pool modifications, including resizing or reshaping existing fibreglass pools as well as replacements of pool equipment such as LED pool lights, skimmer boxes, filter systems, chlorinators and pumps.

Allnex AQUAGUARD™ Fibretech System

We use only the Allnex AQUAGUARD™ Fibretech System and specialist pool resurfacing equipment suitable for the harsh conditions of the Pilbara area and Regional WA.

The Allnex AQUAGUARD™ Fibretech System has more than 20 years of proven field history and is recognised globally for researching and representing the latest in pool resurfacing technologies.

At Perth Pool Co we follow strict workplace safety guidelines and conduct stringent quality control testing on each resurface to ensure the highest levels of product performance.

Click below to download the Allnex AQUAGUARD™ Pool Resurfacing Product Range and Colour Guide.

The Experts in Regional Pool Resurfacing

With more than 30 years of experience in pool resurfacing, conversions and repairs, we have the knowledge and experience in providing safe, high quality and long-lasting resurfacing and repair services within the Pilbara and surrounding regions.

We pride ourselves on being Western Australia’s leading pool resurfacing specialists and guarantee quality workmanship, honest and personalised customer service and unrivalled results in swimming pool resurfacing. Perth Pool Co are one of Perth’s most established swimming pool restoration companies with a trusted and recognised reputation throughout the Pilbara and Regional WA.

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