Swimming Pool Restoration Geraldton

Many things surround the beautiful and historic port of Geraldton, with numerous shining examples of why the past is important and not forgotten; there are however many homes with old and forgotten swimming pools in need of restoration, and Perth Pool Co. wants to make sure that they are remembered.

life saver in poolGiven that the port, and seafaring in general, form a significant part of Geraldton’s history, it stands to reason that many residents will have a natural affinity with water, and what better way to indulge such a passion than with your own pool at home.  A great many pools are loved and cherished like a member of the family and enjoy long and happy lives, but unfortunately, there are always some that end up falling into disrepair.  Here at Perth Pool Co., we are passionate about pools, and there is no greater pleasure than restoring one to its former glory.

There are many reasons that swimming pools find themselves in need of restoration in Geraldton or anywhere else.  Sometimes they come with buying a house, the running costs could have became to high whilst you had financial problems, or simply other priorities took over; whatever the reason, it does not need to remain the status quo.  Geraldton is one of our key service areas, being only a couple of hundred kilometres up the coast from our main base in Perth, so our trained pool technicians will be able to visit your home and assess your pool.

History is important, and for a seaport like Geraldton that history is usually rich and colourful.  This does not mean that you need to allow your swimming pool to become part of that history.  So if your swimming pool is in need of restoration, don’t resign it to the history books, let Perth Pool Co. take a look and bring it back to the modern day.